The hottest World Winter Games ask the sky to see

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With the successful conclusion of the "little winter Olympics" World University Winter Games in the ice city of Harbin, the tense weather forecast service has also been announced to be a success - what makes Zhongda dentong proud is that as a comprehensive display center of meteorological information, Zhongda large screen provides high-quality services to the meteorological department if it cannot meet the testing of ordinary materials after purchase

the 60 Inch 2 * 4 combined large screen placed in the center of the Heilongjiang meteorological department hall clearly and realistically displays the meteorological cloud map just sent back from the Yabuli Stadium - by converting the data program collected by the automatic weather station into a more intuitive and easy to understand display screen, the leaders and experts on the scene are well aware of the weather changes and provide the information to the competition organizing committee in a timely manner

in addition, in order to predict the change of weather in real time, the large shaped characteristic screen of the meteorological center must operate for 7 * 24 hours during this period. The unique dual lamp thermal coupling technology provided by Zhongda enables the large screen to effectively avoid the interruption of monitoring work caused by bulb damage. What's more, not only the bulb has backup function, but also its control system and matrix can be backed up, so as to better ensure the timely display of signals and provide double insurance for the weather reports during the event. In addition, the colorful colors, good consistency and excellent contrast of Zhongda's large screen make the display and analysis information of all high-resolution meteorological cloud images without loss, which has been highly praised by customers

the Winter Games is different from other sports events. It requires fine weather forecast - scope of application - as the finishing touch of the construction of Heilongjiang Meteorological Center, Zhongda large screen has made a comprehensive contribution to comprehensively mastering the weather changes during the winter games and has a far-reaching significance for future cooperation

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