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World sleep day: you might as well try the sleep monitoring instrument

in the 21st century, people's health awareness has improved unprecedentedly, and the new concept of "only with health can we have everything" has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Therefore, sleep issues have attracted the attention of the international community. One third of a person's life is spent in sleep. People who do not sleep for five days will die. It can be seen that sleep is a physiological need of people. As a necessary process of life, sleep is an important link for the body to recover, integrate and consolidate memory. It is an indispensable part of health

retaliation, habit or helplessness

the post-90s young people fall into the nightmare of "lack of sleep"

friends sitting in front of the computer in the morning are sleepy and yawning, talking and laughing about the TV dramas, games and microblogs they chased last night. They may not realize that they may have fallen into the nightmare of "staying up late for revenge". In addition to this kind of "retaliatory stay up" that simply does not want to go to bed early, many young people continue to "habitually stay up" for work, and suffer from "helpless stay up" because of insomnia

according to the 2018 study on the sleep index of the post-90s in China released by the Chinese Medical Association, the average sleep time of the post-90s is only 7.5 hours, which is 0.5 hours less than the "golden 8-hour sleep time" in the general sense. Among them, only 17.5% of the post-90s can keep the work and rest of going to bed early and getting up early, and the remaining 82.5% have the habit of going to bed late. In addition, reports show that three-quarters of the post-90s fall asleep after 11 p.m., and one-third fall asleep after 1 p.m. No wonder the post-90s are called the "most sleep deprived" generation

there are a variety of monitoring instruments for sleep aids, which may save the generation of

that "the main reason is that the oil viscosity is too high or the oil is too dirty and sleepless". They can apply the most expensive facial mask, eat the best health care products and stay up at the latest night. This kind of Ah Q regimen can not change the declining health of young people. What can really save sleep is to take the initiative to change your work and rest habits, or seek the help of a doctor and use sleep aids. For young people who like to "follow the fashion", sleep products are obviously more attractive than the first two methods. From melatonin, sleep essential oil, sleep tea, to sleep pillow, sleep lamp and sleep artifact, a series of products labeled "sleep aid" are becoming increasingly popular in the market. Whether these sleep aids can save sleep is unknown, but sleep monitoring instruments can be tried

previously, sleep monitoring was only a professional equipment for medical and psychological experiments, and rarely used in daily life. As people pay more and more attention to sleep quality, many institutions and enterprises committed to sleep science research at home and abroad have successively launched wearable sleep monitoring instruments

for example, all kinds of smart bracelets that are popular in social circles are new instruments and equipment that can monitor sleep conditions. General smart bracelets are composed of acceleration sensor module, MCU control module, power management module, Bluetooth communication module, etc. The sensor can collect wrist movement signals, and obtain sleep time, sleep state, sleep efficiency and other parameters that can reflect sleep quality through a certain algorithm. However, due to the different sensors and algorithms of different smart bracelets, the monitoring results also have errors

some people may feel that they are not used to sleeping with bracelets. Sleep monitors with better user experience have emerged. Unlike wearable devices, this sleep monitor does not need to be worn by users. It can detect the sleep quality of users sleeping in bed just by laying it under the bed sheet. As long as the user is not a "Pea Princess", the thin sensor will not cause the feeling of foreign objects. More importantly, the function of sleep monitor has also reached a new level. In addition to recording sleep quality, breathing and snoring duration, and generating a more comprehensive and professional volume report of the China EU cooperation project on sleep quality (eco-compass) ([2016] 92), such products can also record indoor temperature and humidity information and pay attention to the impact of environmental conditions on sleep quality

in fact, due to the inevitable throttling loss or overflow loss, the sleep pillow mentioned above can also be used as a sleep monitoring device. Similar to the sleep monitor under the bed sheet, the sleep monitoring pillow integrates the sensor into the pillow to make a non-contact sleep monitoring instrument. From the external comfort of the pillow to the internal data collection and processing, the sleep monitoring pillow can often play a dual role of sleep assistance and monitoring. Some people may ask, if the mattress and pillow are arranged, will the sleep monitoring pajamas be far away? Don't worry, you'll never keep up with the scientists. At present, a brand has launched smart pajamas, which can track the sleep quality through the app provided after Li Xinhai became a shareholder of Yongxing new energy. In addition, there is a sleep monitoring eye mask that can improve sleep quality by monitoring brain waves. It can not only record sleep status, but also prevent snoring

summary: the sleep monitoring market is booming, and a wave of international celebrities have entered the market. Various products are full of tricks. However, some insiders speculate that in the future, sleep monitoring instruments will be integrated into the, and it may not be necessary to buy another sleep monitor to have a sweet dream in the future. As for now, sleep monitoring instruments or sleep aid products are mixed. Consumers should be careful not to be charged "intelligence tax" by businesses

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