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Wuhan brand fruits began to be "sold and packaged"

normal> an exquisite transparent plastic box containing washed cherries, Bayberry and other seasonal fruits, and attached with fresh-keeping ice bags, wet paper towels, fruit forks, etc. to achieve the transformation of the enterprise when the gate thickness is small. This kind of high-quality fruit box named "meeting package" was introduced to the market by Shannon company and welcomed by the public. The company said that Jingjing fruit box can also match fruits according to customer requirements and deliver them to the door

In recent years, miniaturized, transparent and combined fruit packaging has become a popular trend. The price of fruits of the same quality has gone up after they are delicately "dressed". Insiders believe that Han fruits can not sell well in the market, one of the important reasons is that they do not pay attention to the packaging of products. For example, Caidian entered the data information from the analysis into the platform transaction management system area. The melon planted in the platform has good taste, moderate size and good market. However, due to the poor packaging, the fruit market can only sell 0.8 yuan per 500 grams of West melon. The same melon was purchased by Shannon at the price of 1.1 yuan per 500g. After exquisite packaging, it sold for more than 2 yuan per 500g, and the supply exceeded the demand


Shannon said that complying with the market demand and meticulously "dressing up" Chinese fruits is the first step in brand management and improving farmers' income. In addition to the small box of "meeting package", the fruit packaging launched this time also launched a large box gift set composed of fourorfive small plastic boxes. In the future, according to the fruit characteristics in different seasons, new forms of fruit packaging will be introduced to meet the needs of citizens

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