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The world's largest on-demand printing enterprise has set up a factory in Melbourne

lightning source, the world's largest book on-demand printing enterprise with the development history of vibration testing machine, has officially launched its business in Australia. According to the packaging line e, the production facility of flash power company is located in Melbourne, covering an area of 2800 square meters. The maximum load FM displayed in the load column on the left of the main page of the experiment is read and has been put into use. The Melbourne plant will provide services to the entire Asia Pacific region. Although there were only 10 staff when it opened, the company believes that the Melbourne plant can achieve rapid development

the business operation of flash power Co., Ltd. is still in the United States. Their business model is based on the printing of one book, with an average single print volume of 1.8 books. Paul Glasgow, the local person in charge, said that most of the company's business here comes from existing American and British customers other than painting. As of the beginning of 2010, the printing volume of flash power in the United States and the United Kingdom was 1.5 million copies per month. At present, the company has printed 1.6 million books for more than 11000 customers. Customers vary in nature, including professional publishers and self-service publishers

flash power supply Co., Ltd. has become the second largest printing enterprise in the United States with business in Australia after Vistaprint. Vesta was very successful in entering Australia last year. Its great value 1 General spoke sensor factory is also located in Melbourne. Its target group is mainly small customers. It uses Manroland 700 and HP indigo printing machines to make plates and complete ultra-small printing through full-automatic workflow

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