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The world bank will sell global bonds

the "development" recently gathered by the world bank quoted the International Herald Tribune as saying that in order to save the cost of providing loans to developing countries, the world bank plans to sell at least US $3billion of global bonds through Internet to raise the required funds. A world bank official in charge of Finance said that this will be the first time that the world bank will provide and sell global bonds to financial institutions and investment testing machine fault solvers through electronic networks. Its benefits are manifold. In the past year, the world bank has raised 224 billion US dollars worth of trusted funds for large manufacturers of Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. through issuing bonds. However, the time and maturity of global bonds sold through the electronic network this year have not been determined yet. It still depends on the market conditions. In a talk with CNN, the world bank official believed that the benefits would be very obvious. First, it would increase the transparency of prices and possibly increase the trading volume; In addition, it facilitates investors, especially those financial institutions that specialize in this field

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