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On the 23rd of the world robot conference, more than 100 enterprises will show various types of robots

Abstract: Taking Tianji TM orthopaedic surgery robot as an example, it belongs to the Beijing tianzhihang robot family, and is the only orthopaedic robot system in the world that can carry out the surgery of whole spinal segment, pelvis and limb fractures

from the 23rd to 27th of this month, the annual science and technology event - the 2017 world robot conference will land in Beijing Yichuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. At that time, more than 100 top robot enterprises at home and abroad will appear with robots. During the conference, advanced products such as artificial intelligence systems, special robots, service robots, industrial robots and smart home robots will be displayed

production robots can be used for fine manufacturing

production robots cover many brands, including FANUC robots, Yaskawa robots, etc

fanuc robot (FANUC robot) is developed by FANUC robot company. FANUC group, a global leader in factory automation industry, provides users with innovative robots with high reliability with its strong R & D, design and manufacturing capabilities

yaskawa robot is developed by Yaskawa Shougang robot Co., Ltd. the annual output of motoman1 robot, which intercepts 200-250mm from the inspected metal wire rod, ranks first in the world. It is widely used in arc welding, spot welding, gluing, cutting, handling, stacking, painting, scientific research and teaching

the new folding arm six axis robot N2 belongs to the Epson robot family. N2 is the first Epson six axis robot with a new folding arm mechanism. It is smaller and more efficient. The unique arm folding design can realize compact operation and greatly save space

service robots can recognize facial emotions

service robots include youYou u05 robot, cook plus robot, etc

youYou u05 robot belongs to Beijing Kangli Youlan robot family. Youyou has made breakthrough technical progress in deep voice interaction, face emotion recognition, motion control, automatic obstacle avoidance, etc

cook plus robot belongs to Muye robot company. Cook plus robot can easily be competent for lobby manager, consultant, host interpretation, marketing promotion, etc., and continuously improve the ability to solve professional problems through a lot of contact with people and businesses; The tortuous modulus of 40% mixed long fiber composed of 20% long glass fiber and 20% long carbon fiber can be 17930mpa according to different consumption scenarios of industry customers, and more free customization can be opened. By virtue of the exclusive identity, age, gender, timbre, expression, character and painting style, it can be integrated with the service scenarios

hallbot Evo service robot, belonging to Chengdu punuosibo technology robot family, is a general chassis platform for intelligent robots. It has multiple intelligent obstacle avoidance, dynamic path planning, voice interaction and other technologies, and can also be operated by app

professional robots help complete orthopaedic surgery

robots can improve surgical accuracy and may become an important application field of intelligent robots in the future

take the Tianji TM orthopaedic surgery robot as an example. It belongs to the Beijing tianzhihang robot family. It is the only orthopaedic robot system in the world that can carry out the surgery of spinal fracture, pelvic fracture and limb fracture informed by Secretary General Ma Zhanfeng

the system breaks through the key technologies such as multi-mode image registration, robot control, patient real-time tracking and path compensation, fills the international gap of robot assisted upper cervical surgery, and is at the international leading level in the field of orthopaedic robot technology

Da Vinci surgical robot belongs to the ISRG robot family. Da Vinci Si surgical system (endoscopic surgical instrument control system) is a mature robotic surgical platform, which can complete complex surgical operations through minimally invasive methods. At present, it is mainly used in the ideal test equipment department, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, Urology, and other departments of scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, industrial and mining enterprises, technical supervision, commodity inspection and arbitration, etc Gynecology, pediatric surgery, otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery, etc

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