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Don't buy the floor for celebrities to show: the floor is a low-tech low profit product, and any business will carry out cost accounting. The money he invites celebrities to use naturally comes from his brother, otherwise he has to reduce the quality of the floor

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first, don't buy the floor of celebrities for show: the floor is a low-tech low profit product, and any business will carry out cost accounting. The money he invites celebrities to use naturally comes from his brother, otherwise, he has to reduce the quality of the floor

second, don't buy a plain board: a plain board is a floor that hasn't been painted. It's easy to level the ground, the paint is seamless, etc. This is just to increase the labor cost, or have an unspeakable deal with this plain board manufacturer, because the floor leveling is done with the keel. If he even makes the keel uneven, he has to level with the floor, and his craft must not be flattered. In addition, with regard to the seamless paint surface, as we all know, the floor will stretch. The plain board is paved first and then painted, which seems flat, but once the floor is stretched, the floor will crack and become more ugly, while the gap of the paint board itself is even and neat, but it is very beautiful

third, don't buy colored floors: there are many manufacturers in China who are experienced in this field. Floor coloring can create higher profits. By repairing and coloring grade B boards, it can make laymen look like grade a boards, but its characteristics are deep color and unclear texture. Its paint cracking will occur in about half a year after you pave it. Who will dye the beautiful grade a boards? So don't buy colored boards for the sake of the authenticity of floor quality

fourth, don't think that the floor can be used for decades or hundreds of years: the service life of the normal floor is generally 20 ~ 30 years. Although it is 18 mm thick, the solid wood floor is divided into three layers, medium and low, and the surface layer is generally 6mm. The angle between the surface layer and the middle layer is used for nails, that is to say, the service life of your floor is until the nails or grooves are exposed, but this is enough, no matter how good the wood is, The service life of houses will not exceed 70 years, and some even 50 years, not to mention second-hand houses

v. don't buy the floor installed with plastic bayonets: its advertisement can be said to be very beautiful, but that's not true. In European and American countries, the floor has never been installed in this way, because there is a big gap between the expansion of plastic and wood, and the service life of the so-called small spring or steel sheet that adjusts the expansion of the buckle will not exceed one year at room temperature. They will corrode and lose their function. At this time, the floor will make a noise, arch up and loosen, There are many unexpected problems. If you want to avoid trouble, use the traditional installation method. After all, the floor is a traditional product

VI. don't trust the insurance company to underwrite products: the reason is that you can't meet the insurance conditions. A real insurance company will have many additional conditions for insurance, such as: the construction at the appropriate temperature, humidity and in strict accordance with the standard, as well as the completion date of the room, the humidity and dryness of the ground are strictly controlled, and you also need to provide sufficient evidence to prove that you completed the work under qualified conditions

VII. Don't believe the floor with film on the back: this snake foot is tasteful. Its function is just to hold it beautifully in your hand, and for this reason, you charge a few yuan per square meter. It won't play any positive role in the moisture-proof propaganda of the floor dealer. On the contrary, it will hinder the normal expansion and moisture balance of the floor itself, and because the aluminum film is glued, it also increases the unnecessary formaldehyde release, There are really hundreds of harms but no benefits

VIII. Don't believe any industry evaluation about flooring: how many boutiques, brands, recommended products, commitment units and other certificates and posters are clearly priced. Children and old people are not deceived. As long as you spend money, you can have everything

IX. don't believe the promise that the floor will never deform: there is no floor in the world that will never deform. As long as it is made of wood, it will stretch and have the probability of normal deformation

X. don't buy multi-layer solid wood flooring: the concept of multi-layer solid wood flooring is completely different from three-layer solid wood flooring. It is a real garbage floor. It is a transitional flooring product with low cost, low standard and low investment, that is, a cheap transitional product from solid wood flooring to three-layer solid wood flooring. It will say that it has high stability, but this is the result of using a lot of glue. Every additional layer of wood veneer means an additional layer of glue, Environmental protection is not worth mentioning. Its skin is mostly 0.6 mm wood skin, and its service life is very short. The service life of some Japanese brands is even less than 1 year. In addition, its varieties now have some rotary cutting or planing wood with a surface layer of 1 ~ 2 mm. The concept of rotary cutting wood is like sharpening pencils, while planing wood is like shavings. Their manufacturing processes have changed the fiber structure of wood. Although it is steamed, hot pressed and leveled, it is very easy to crack after a period of use, There are also some multi-layer solid wood products, which are dyed with wood veneer. The essence of wood is not the name of his precious tree species at all. Strictly speaking, this is also fraud




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