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Broken bridge aluminum door and window industry has broad development prospects in China, and there is a great demand for shopping malls. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are widely used in kitchens, balconies, bathrooms, bedrooms and other indoor spaces because of their advantages in corrosion prevention and waterproof, and have become one of the necessary decorative materials for many families

broken bridge aluminum doors and windows have become one of the best-selling commodities of modern home building materials, but as broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, their performance and quotation are also very different. What factors form such a big quotation difference? Today, let Guanhao doors and windows Xiaobian take you into the international of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Let's learn some primary factors that affect the quotation difference of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

1. Production technology

compared with other door and window materials, the excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, aging resistance, corrosion resistance and tightness of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows are not only constrained by the hollow aluminum plate and frame, but also from the structure, processing technology, glass, sealant strip, etc. of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Coupled with the different types and styles of doors and windows, there is a great difference between the quotation and the quality of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. The same quality of goods also affects the quotation of all goods

2. Quality of data

raw materials of doors and windows are the key to setting the quotation distance. The main material of doors and windows is pure aluminum ingot, which has obvious advantages of higher hardness, less impurities, stronger oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance compared with other general innovative aluminum materials. Its section structure will also affect the impact resistance and compression resistance of doors and windows. However, the raw materials with good quality are not easy to show the scene of tip residue in the cutting process. The difference in raw materials directly affects the anti ultraviolet and anti-aging ability of the bridge cutoff aluminum door and whether the section is flat or not, resulting in the difference in quotation

3. Hardware accessories

hardware and other accessories also lay out the level of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows. Because the method of opening the bridge broken aluminum doors and windows is different, its hardware accessories are also different, and its quotation is also different. Good door and window brands have always been very strict in the selection of hardware accessories, which greatly improves the service life of doors and windows

4. Brand strength affects

as the saying goes, big brands are trustworthy. Doors and windows should increase advertising efforts online and offline, add the exposure of the company's brand, o2o three-dimensional promotion, and good public praise publicity, which has laid a solid guarantee for dealers. Now when we buy goods, we also need to look at the brand of the goods first, so the strength of a company's brand is also one of the factors that affect the final quotation of the goods




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