House decoration steps and processes

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House decoration is a major event in life. Many people don't know the steps of house decoration. The steps of house decoration are the key to house decoration. Before decoration, we should fully understand the steps of house decoration, one stage at a time, in order to better decorate the house. Here are the steps and processes of house decoration with Xiaobian for your reference

house decoration steps and processes

the first step in the family decoration step is to find a decoration company to decorate our own house, which is not wrong, because we are not professional after all. But when we choose a decoration company, we must make a careful comparison before choosing, because it is not only related to the good-looking design of the house, but also related to the quality. If the quality of the house goes wrong, it will be quite painful to live in the future

after some comparison, we finally selected the decoration company we are satisfied with. After selection, we will start the second step of our family decoration step and sign a contract. The contract should include the division of their respective responsibilities and various details in the decoration. You must not think that the contract is not important. Xiaobian has a friend's home decoration coffee shop, which is contracted to the decoration company, but at that time, no contract was signed. As a result, the decoration workers had an accident. Later, because they didn't clearly divide the responsibilities, they didn't sign the contract, and they went to court

house decoration steps and processes

after the above preparations are made, it is the turn of the decoration company to enter the site. We also need designers to design before the formal construction starts. About the decoration style, we must communicate with the designer repeatedly, so as to maximize the expression of what we want to the designer and achieve the style we want. Of course, various data in the house must be measured repeatedly during the design, so as to ensure that the furniture in the house can be used

the decoration of the house is officially started after the previous preparations are made. In the construction stage, the demolition and reconstruction of the main body is the first project, mainly including wall demolition, wall building, wall peeling, heating, plastic steel window replacement, etc. To put it bluntly, the main demolition is to put up the framework of the construction site first

before the transformation of water circuit, the demolition and transformation of the main structure should be basically completed. Between the two links of hydropower transformation and main body demolition and reconstruction, some relevant suggestions are put forward on the location of the water inlet and lampblack socket reserved by the developer. It mainly includes: 1. Check whether the position of the lampblack socket affects the installation of the lampblack in the future; 2. Check whether the position of the water meter is appropriate; 3. Check whether the position of the water inlet is convenient for installing the water tank in the future

house decoration steps and processes

carpentry, Tilers, and oilers are the “ Three brothers ”, The basic order of appearance is: wood &mdash& mdash; Watt &mdash& mdash; Oil. The basic appearance principle is &mdash& mdash; Whoever is dirty will go first& ldquo; Whoever is dirty goes first ” It is also one of the basic principles that determine the order of home decoration. This statement is also convenient for everyone to remember. After these three items, the decoration of the house will come to an end and enter the process of the final details. Of course, no matter how busy you are in this process, you should take time to watch it, so as to prevent workers from cutting corners and causing a very inconvenient impact on future life

in addition to the above six items, the finishing work is also included in the steps of home decoration. That is, it does not constitute “ You can move in ” The factors are supplemented completely. During the acceptance, the whole family must look carefully, because they are likely to ignore some details. After these works are finished, we can wait for the house to dry for a period of time to live in

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