Xinmingpin whole wood elegant and light luxury col

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There are many differences between the younger generation and their elders. They advocate a personalized and free lifestyle. The postmodern style is very in line with the tastes of young people

in the design of post-modern light luxury style furniture, it emphasizes the design principle of


emphasizes the dominant position of people in technology,

pays more attention to humanization and liberalization

xinmingpin whole wood | the TV background wallboard adopts gray system,

the communication collocation of gray and light blue is more fashionable

the irregular depth of the Striped floor,

adds an artistic flavor to the whole house

the selection of walnut for TV cabinet has a deep and luxurious feeling

the grayish white color matching brings vitality and flexibility to this low-key and elegant space

simple and full of quality of life style,

high standard color matching, elegant and not monotonous

choose xinmingpin whole wood,

add style to your home





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