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The Hubble telescope will resume normal operation until 2021

according to foreign media new atlas, the Hubble telescope seems to have resumed normal operation and plans to resume full scientific operation this weekend. The wide field camera 3 on the "old" space telescope had a technical failure on January 8, but now NASA engineers believe they have solved the problem

like many spacecraft, when the Hubble instrument detects a mechanical failure, the low-temperature friction and wear tester will automatically suspend its scientific operation and enter the safe mode until the ground team can identify the problem and find a solution. On January 8, the software running the No. 3 wide field camera on the Hubble telescope detected that the voltage level in the instrument was higher than normal, and the camera was turned off to prevent any potential damage

after careful observation, NASA team found that the voltage level was normal. Instead, the problem appears to be an error in the telemetry circuit engineering data that reads and reports values. The team reset the telemetry circuit and related circuit boards and found that these values returned to normal. Although things seem to be going well again, calibration and testing are still in progress to ensure that there are no problems. NASA said that if everything goes according to plan, the Hubble telescope's wide field camera No. 3 should be able to take pictures of celestial bodies again this weekend

given the age of the other Hubble telescope, this error is not entirely unexpected. The space telescope was launched in 1990 and was originally scheduled to be used for 15 years. Since then, the mission has been postponed many times. The upgrade in 2009 marked the last time that astronauts repaired the Hubble telescope. However, a wide range of colors and materials can provide great impetus for the market promotion of refil wire. Some problems can be repaired from the ground, such as the camera problem and the gyroscope failure in October. Field measurement method for insertion loss of various outdoor sound barriers ISO 10847:1997

nasa says that the operation of the Hubble telescope will continue until at least 2021

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