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Hubei civil servant examination application model: "artificial intelligence" helps human development move forward vigorously

what is artificial intelligence? The emergence of this new term has made many people scared or even threatened. In fact, artificial intelligence is just a new tool created by human beings. It can improve our ability to deal with those problems that need to be solved urgently. It can also become an accelerator for human development and help human beings make breakthroughs faster. However, the development of artificial intelligence has been affected by factors such as the inability to interact with human information and the inability to mix intelligence with human beings. The electrolyte and diaphragm of lithium-ion batteries are becoming more and more important to improve battery performance and safety. Some businesses are still hyping artificial intelligence. Therefore, we should resolve these problems in line with the decision of stepping on the stone and holding on to the iron, so as to push the development of artificial intelligence to a new height, So as to help human development to move forward

the research and development of hybrid intelligence can provide a source of fresh water for the development of artificial intelligence. Just as the saying goes, asking where the canal is clear is the source of trouble. When the era of intelligence is accompanied by all aspects of human life, the mixing of human and intelligent machine is the source of living water for the development of artificial intelligence. This mixing is the intelligent mixing of artificial, human and nature. The spontaneous chat between the two AI's triggered some explorations of human beings. However, it was found that artificial intelligence still stays in the era of mechanized programs and cannot understand human concepts, which has greatly hindered the development of artificial intelligence. How to make general intelligence smart and unsupervised, and how to develop a new generation of artificial intelligence human-computer collaborative hybrid intelligence

human centered can provide invisible wings for the development of artificial intelligence. Human centered is the foundation for the development of artificial intelligence. Development depends on and aims to reduce the labor cost of human beings from intelligent customer service to self driving cars, and bring convenience to human work, study and life. How to introduce the human cognitive model into the intelligent machine that makes "x2" light up and realize the upgrading of human functions is something we need to explore. Realizing the interaction between human and machine, opening the information transmission channel, these research directions provide the possibility for human functions to be more intelligent, humanized and information-based

righting thinking is like Beidou navigation with the development of artificial intelligence. The arrival of artificial intelligence makes people very enthusiastic about it, but at the same time, we should also treat it rationally, and exchange time for space research and exploration to win the future of artificial intelligence. One reason why people all over the world are worried about artificial intelligence is that existing jobs have been replaced, just as the industrial revolution replaced the handicraft industry at that time. In fact, artificial intelligence will also create enough new employment opportunities, just as Internet has spawned the express industry and Taobao customer service. I believe that as long as we put our minds on developing the potential use and business value of artificial intelligence, we can make it better serve mankind

running water does not return, which is a warning to move forward all the way; Walking well is the need of modern pedestrians. Throughout the ages, the pace of development of the times has never stopped. What we have to do is that the world is new and we are on the road. Today, we are changing day by day, and we find ourselves. We believe that as long as we make efforts from the three aspects of hybrid intelligence, people-centered, thinking, and even become the No. 2 choice of air conditioning skeleton materials, we can create another blue sky for the development of artificial intelligence, so as to walk on the road of human development

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