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Huayun data cloud computing: become the first brand with comprehensive strength in China within two years

in the next two years, Huayun data will strive to become the first brand with comprehensive strength in the field of cloud computing in China. In the recent camp visit of Wuxi Huayun data headquarters, Huayun data exposed its market ambition in the field of cloud computing in China to the media

at present, the fierce competition in the domestic cloud computing market is obvious to all. How does Huayun data view today's cloud computing market competition? Compared with other brands, what cloud advantages does Huayun data have? How to ensure the realization of strategic objectives? Then he made an exclusive interview with Yu Min, President of the basic business group of Huayun Data Technology Service Co., Ltd

two year strategic goal: to become the first brand of comprehensive strength in China

Huayun data has a specific measurement standard for the strategic goal of building the first brand of comprehensive strength in the field of cloud computing in China. Yu Min introduced that, specifically, it is to achieve the first number of customers of public cloud services of Huayun data in China in the two years from this year to 2016; Secondly, in terms of the coverage of public cloud services, the comprehensiveness of services and the leading role of cloud in the field, it has become the first brand in China to clean the dust and sundries in the electrical box. This leadership includes the industry-leading position in technology, solutions, cooperation mode and driving ability for partners and customers. The number of partners and customers in cloud is also the largest

Huayun data believes that compared with the global cloud computing market, China's cloud computing market has its own characteristics in development. How should we calibrate and adjust the force measurement system of the tensile testing machine? The specific operation steps are as follows: the current development of the market presents two differentiation directions. One is the transformation and change brought about by cloud computing to the Internet and IDC circle. The other is the change brought about by cloud computing as a disruptive force to traditional enterprise it. 2014 has been a volatile year for the domestic cloud computing market, and Huayun data will have the best chance to become a company that can make achievements in both the above two directions

Yu Min emphasized that as a leading cloud computing service provider in China, Huayun data has accumulated three advantages in its long-term cloud computing business operation. These advantages will become the key force to ensure the realization of the above strategic goals by connecting the upper and lower center points of the test pieces to form the center line of the plastering surface

advantage 1: adhere to open cooperation

Yu Min introduced that, first of all, the culture of Huayun data is an open and win-win culture. Such an open and cooperative attitude and culture will become a very important point for Huayun data in cloud computing competition

this year, many manufacturers have released their own cloud strategies, which also mentioned the open concept. But in depth, we are quite different in our open attitude and pace of development. Some manufacturers' cloud strategy and open attitude are very firm, while others' cloud strategy is released in a hurry. To truly realize openness and landing, it will be restricted and affected by the inertia of their own business teams

in this regard, Huayun data has always adhered to a truly open and cooperative attitude. We will share with you what we see in the future of the cloud. We can provide some cloud roads and practical methods, and then share them. I hope you can achieve your own success with it; We also welcome others to share their successful practices. We also welcome docking and cooperation, which is a feature of us

Yu Min said that because of this, Huayun data has won the trust of many partners in the Internet circle, including e-commerce and game partners. Huayun data cooperates closely and extensively with these partners, and they can realize their own value with the help of the cloud platform of Huayun data; On the other hand, Huayun data has also attracted cooperation from domestic software manufacturers and overseas cloud manufacturers. In addition to its open and cooperative attitude and culture, the ability to implement and implement Huayun data cloud services is also a feature of Huayun data cloud services

advantage 2: spare no effort in technology investment

Yu Min introduced that the second thing that supports the continuous development of Huayun data in the Internet and enterprise IT fields is its spare no effort in technology investment

sparing no effort in technology means that we will optimize our Cloud Architecture at no cost, upgrade and improve our technical architecture, and continuously expand the service functions provided. So far, our technical team has expanded to about 80 people, and will continue to increase. This will also become the key driving force to support us to become bigger and stronger in two directions

judging from the current development status of cloud computing, the development of cloud computing technology is far from reaching a clear and mature stage. At this time, some new technologies will continue to appear. Sometimes there are differences in the use of technology, but it is difficult to say how much competitive advantage these differences can bring to manufacturers in the short term. Therefore, we believe that the current cloud computing technology is far from taking shape. We are also observing closely, and then continue to explore and practice. At present, we have launched the fourth generation architecture of cloud services, which is still being upgraded and updated, and the fifth generation architecture is also in preparation. It is believed that Huayun data has been in the leading position in China in the field of cloud platform technology

advantage 3: large scale operation experience

Yu Min said that the current cloud computing business operation of Huayun data has formed a certain scale, and the operation experience accumulated on this business scale will also become a major competitive advantage of Huayun data different from other manufacturers. He said that compared with other domestic brands, Huayun data, as the first brand to launch cloud service business in the domestic market, has won market opportunities in cloud computing business, so it has more mature operation experience; At the same time, Huayun data has always adhered to the strategy of partner and ecosystem in operation, and has formed its own business scale. This will also become a key factor that distinguishes Huayun data from its competitors in cloud computing business operations, and will continue to be deepened and developed in the future

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