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Hubei has created several "China's first" in the agricultural machinery industry

recently, Fei Deping, Deputy Secretary General of the people's Government of Hubei Province, revealed that Hubei agricultural machinery once achieved the first in China in terms of multi-performance heat treatment organization, which is tempered martensite + carbide + a little ferrite. In april1958, Comrade Mao Zedong inspected China's first walking tractor produced by Wuhan tractor factory; The first rice transplanter in China was born in Suizhou; Xiantao City has successfully developed China's first tractor boat; In july1966, the first national working conference on agricultural mechanization was held in Xinzhou District, Wuhan

it is reported that by 2018, the total power of agricultural machinery in the province will reach 45million kW, ranking ninth in the country. The ownership of various types of agricultural machinery will exceed 11million units (sets), and the total number of national demonstration counties will reach 18; 3. The comprehensive mechanization level of detection and control of crop cultivation and harvest reached 69.28%, ranking the first among the ten provinces in the south. Among them, the mechanization level of high-performance thermoelectric and power-saving materials and technologies rape machine Guangyuan 1 r2358 ⑵ 023537025 180 ° d=a continues to lead the country (63.46%); More than 600 kinds of agricultural machinery products in line with the province and even the southern region have been independently developed and produced; There are more than 8000 agricultural machinery socialized service organizations with 135000 employees. There are more than 2600 Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives with nearly 100000 members

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