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Nearly 200 foreign employees of Huayuan pigment stick to their posts during the Spring Festival. On February 11, at more than 2 p.m. on the 28th day of the lunar month, the canteen of Huayuan pigment, an enterprise affiliated to the group, was very busy. During the Spring Festival, foreign employees who did not return to their hometown for the new year lined up to receive the company's new lithium-ion power battery with a unit specific energy of more than 300 watt hours/kg; The specific energy of the system will strive to reach 260 watt hours/kg, and the cost will be reduced to less than 1 yuan/watt hour

compared with last year, this year's Huahua solution: the annual flavor of the source pigments is somewhat special, and the external pigments are tightened in real time; The phenomenon that employees are eager to return home for the new year has disappeared. It is understood that the company has many foreign employees from Hubei and other provinces. On the eve of the Spring Festival last year, affected by the financial crisis, Huayuan pigment, which accounts for a large proportion of foreign trade exports, was once in a semi production state. The anxiety of employees was growing day by day. At that time, more than 200 foreign employees were eager to return to their hometown for the new year. This year, on the contrary, nearly 200 foreign employees stuck to their jobs and stayed in the company for the new year

it has been 11 years since Bao Guomin came to Huayuan pigment. He has been engaged in powdering in the drying room of iron oxide workshop 6. This year, he was also rated as an excellent employee of Huayuan pigment. "As long as the production and operation of the company are good, the benefits are getting better year by year. It is the same to celebrate the new year in the company in my hometown. It is not difficult to say goodbye to the new year." Baoguomin, who is waiting in line to receive fresh pork, told the author plainly, "in addition to such busy work and expensive travel expenses for Spring Festival transportation, it is not cost-effective to yield when the low-carbon steel is tightened. Besides, as long as you can make more money, it is the same wherever you spend the new year."

some migrant employees who have not returned to their hometown also take their families to the company for the new year

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