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Water and electricity transformation refers to the decoration process of replacing all or part of the waterways and circuits used by the original developers according to the decoration configuration, family population, living habits and aesthetic concepts. Hydropower transformation is divided into waterway transformation and circuit transformation. In home decoration, water and electricity transformation can be said to be the most important, because water and electricity transformation plays a very important role in our life, and these water and electricity transformation is usually called concealed works, which are hidden. If there are problems after decoration, it will be a very bad thing, but do you know the precautions for water and electricity transformation in house decoration? How should the price of water and electricity renovation of the house be calculated? Many owners will think or ask these questions when decorating their new houses. Now come with me to learn about the relevant knowledge of the water and electricity transformation of the newly decorated house in 2016

how much is the quotation for the renovation of water and electricity in the decorated house

I. quotation for the renovation of new houses (Reference)

the unit price per meter for the renovation of water pipes (PP-R pipes) is 38-46 yuan

the unit price per meter for the renovation of drainage pipes (pipe diameters of 50 and below) is 50-80 yuan

the unit price for each 20mm valve is 65 yuan, and the unit price for each 25mm is 80 yuan

the unit price per square meter for the excavation of the sedimentary layer in the toilet is 60 yuan

II. Quotation for house renovation

2.5mm2 strong current renovation unit price is 23 yuan per meter

4mm2 strong current renovation unit price is 28 yuan per meter

6mm2 strong current renovation unit price is 38 yuan per meter, the original pipe through the wall wire unit price is 18 yuan per meter

cassette is 5-15 yuan each

wall punching 10-30 yuan

TV line, telephone line The network cable is about 20 yuan per meter

switch socket 100-200 yuan range

decoration house water and electricity transformation related material price

1. 20pp-r water supply pipe (concealed installation): 60 yuan/meter b.20pp-r water supply pipe (open installation): 45 yuan/meter C. sewage installation (50pvc pipe): 60 yuan/meter PS: PP-R pipe is Weixing or Jinde pipe. The sewer is a joint plastic pipe

2, including one equal diameter and one reducer sleeve per meter, and one 90 degree elbow. 2. Excluding valve hardware. 3. 25 water pipes add 10 yuan per meter. 4. Less than one meter is calculated as one meter. 5. Punching is charged additionally. 40 yuan/piece for load-bearing walls and 20 yuan/piece for non load-bearing walls. 6 PP-R pipes are hot water pipes with a skin thickness of 2.8. 7. The drainage pipe is calculated as 50, and more than 50 will be negotiated separately

note: this price is for reference only! Due to different regions, of course, the price will also vary. For more relevant price details, please refer to the local dealer

precautions for water and electricity transformation of decorated houses

precautions for waterway Transformation:

1. The water pipe should be laid on the wall as much as possible

2. PPR pipes are used for water pipes. The pipelines are red, which are hot water pipes, and the pipelines are blue, which are cold water pipes

3. Specification of PPR water pipe: the water pipe can be divided into 20mm, 25mm and 32mm according to the inner diameter, of which 20mm is thinner, commonly known as 4 branch pipes, 25mm is commonly known as 6 branch pipes (it is recommended to use 6 branch pipes for home decoration water pipes), and 32mm is generally used for household pipes; According to the wall thickness, it can be divided into 2.8mm and 4.2mm. 2.8 is the cold water pipe, and 4.2 is the hot water pipe. Generally, we use 4.2mm thick

4. The hot and cold water pipes should be hot on the left and cold on the right. The distance between the hot and cold water joints is 15cm, 1-1.200m from the ground. The water inlet height of the upper flip washing machine is 1.2m. The height of water supply inlet of water basin and vegetable basin is 45-55cm

5. If there is natural gas supply, gas water heater is preferred, which can be used for kitchen or bathing. If it is far away from the water heater, consider installing kitchen treasure separately

6. The change from water to roof must be fixed with metal pipe clamps, and the spacing cannot be greater than 60cm

7. The shower outlet is hot on the left and cold on the right. The distance between hot and cold water is 15cm. The plane of the outlet wire must be horizontal

8. Water circuit conduits cannot be in the same slot

9. Horizontal groove distance is not allowed on the wall surface (30cm for bearing wall and 50cm for non bearing wall)

10. After the water drainage is changed, the water pipe shall be tested to ensure that each water drainage is unobstructed

11. After the water reform, the pressure test must be carried out. The pressure is about 8kg for 30 minutes

12. The PVC material for the drainage of mobile floor drains should use 50 caliber sewer pipes

13. The wall sealing groove should be flat, and the ground joint should not be 2 cm higher than the ground, so as to facilitate the tiling in the future

14. Remind the owner: adding or moving the floor drain will raise the ground, and changing the toilet on the leveling floor will raise the ground

15. The floor heating or heating pipe area cannot be slotted

precautions for circuit transformation:

1. The installation position and quantity of switches and sockets should be carefully considered during wiring, and the principle is that more should not be less

2. Generally, the zero line is blue, the live line is red, and the ground line is yellow and green

3. The cross-section of the incoming line of each house should not be less than 10 square millimeters. In this way, for ordinary families, 1.5 square millimeters of wires are used for lamps, and 2.5 square millimeters for switches, sockets and grounding wires. For the installation of high-power electrical appliances such as air conditioners, 4 square millimeters of wires should be used separately. For the whole line, the number of branch circuits should not be too small. Generally, it should be the first way for lights, the second way for air conditioners, and the third to fourth way for sockets. The advantage of this is that once a short circuit or other problems occur in a certain line, the scope of power failure is small and the normal work of other lines will not be affected

4. The height of the switch or socket in the same room should be the same. Generally, the switch is 1.4m away from the ground and 15~20cm away from the door frame. The socket should be 30cm away from the ground. The air conditioner hanging socket is more than 2 meters above the ground, and the cabinet socket is 30cm above the ground. The kitchen socket is 1 meter above the ground (the height of the kitchen cabinet is about 80cm). Socket on the table: such as bedside table, dressing table, kitchen, etc., the bottom of the socket should be 10cm away from the table. The height of the double control switch at the head of the bed is about 85CM; The height of wall mounted TV power supply is determined according to the space size and TV size, and the general height is 1000-1200mm

5. Strong and weak current shall be slotted and laid separately (the spacing between strong and weak current shall be 30-50 cm), and the cold bending pipe shall be used for threading (the cold bending pipe shall use the bending tool, and the radian shall be 10 times the diameter of the pipe, so that threading or dismantling can be smooth)

6. The construction principle of hydropower is to walk on the top, not on the ground, not on the top. Consider walking on the wall, not on the wall, and then consider walking on the ground. The ceiling line is inside the ceiling or gypsum line, which is convenient for maintenance. Walking on the wall is afraid of damaging the concrete layer, even the reinforcement, and avoiding large-area horizontal slotting, for fear of affecting the bearing capacity of the wall. Those who walk on the ground should lift the floor during maintenance

7. In the wiring process, follow “ The live line enters the switch, and the zero line enters the lamp cap ” The principle of; Socket wiring should be “ Left zero n, right fire L, grounding PE on ” Or “ Go up and down &rdquo

in order to prevent children from getting electric shock, touching with fingers or poking the power eyelet with metal objects, it is necessary to choose a safety socket with a safety shield. In addition, for electrical appliances that need to switch the power supply frequently, consider using sockets with switches

8. The lighting in the living room should be equipped with double control switches in front of the entrance door and the bedroom door respectively (so that when you want to go to bed at night, you can directly go back to the bedroom and turn off the light before going to bed, so you don't have to look for the bedroom door in the dark). Similarly, the bedroom lighting should be installed with double control switches at the entrance of the bedroom and at the head of the bed. In addition, it is recommended to install wall lamps instead of desk lamps for bedside lamps as far as possible (to save space)

9. When entering the household registration or toilet, consider installing infrared induction lights (go home or get up at night, do not look for the switch in the dark)

10. Strong and weak current boxes should be set in each household, and leakage protectors with operating current of 30a should be set in the distribution box. After the shunt passes through the air switch, the lighting, air conditioner and socket are controlled respectively

11. Point to point and nearest lead wire shall be carried out in the electrical reform to ensure that the wire is live wire for future maintenance (except for special circumstances)

12. The horizontal groove distance is not allowed on the wall surface (bearing wall 30cm, non bearing wall 50cm)

13. The wire pipe must be fixed with metal pipe clamps, and the spacing cannot be greater than 60cm. Cement shall be used to fix the places where holes cannot be punched on the ground

14. Telephone line and TV line cannot be threaded in the same pipeline

15. The new cassette conduit and the junction of the junction box should be connected with a lock

16. PVC glue shall be applied at the joints on both sides of the straight line after the straight line is adopted between the line pipe and the line pipe

17. Power on test shall be carried out for strong current. (the socket can be tested with electric tools, and the lamp circuit can be tested with bulbs)

18. Make and break tests for weak current. (it needs to be tested with a multimeter)

19. The sealing groove of the wall surface is flat, and the place where the line pipe enters the wall should ensure smooth tiling or floor laying in the future

20. Carefully fill in the model and quantity of panels you need to purchase later in the contract

21. Carefully draw the hand drawn drawing of water circuit

22. Remind the owner that the junction box cannot be blocked, and it should be covered with white board in the later stage

the editor concluded that the above is a comprehensive analysis of the precautions for the water and electricity transformation of the newly decorated house in 2016. I hope it can help friends with this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website. More exciting content will be presented later




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