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In order to create a quiet and comfortable environment for consumers, isolate them from the noisy world and enjoy the complete relaxation of their hearts. Xiying door rate industry has previously launched an innovative technology - the upgrading process of basic materials of wood door core board

creating a relatively private home space has become a problem that every family member needs to consider. How to have a quiet and comfortable environment, it is very important to choose a door with good sound insulation effect. Close it, immediately isolate from the noisy world, and enjoy the complete relaxation of the soul. Xiying door rate industry has previously launched an innovative technology - the upgrading process of basic materials of wood door core board

products improve sound insulation efficiency

Xiying door has made long-term research and exploration in this regard. Through continuous research on wood and technology, Xiying door led the industry to launch an innovative technology - the upgrading process of wood door core plate basic materials. This process uses Eucalyptus instead of traditional density board as the wood door core board, which has caused an uproar in the industry, and its environmental protection and comfort functions have been greatly improved. More importantly, after the upgrading of basic materials, through testing, Xiyingmen's products have an unexpected improvement in sound insulation effect, which has become a highlight of this process. The perfect combination of new basic materials and wood technology promotes more efficient sound insulation

solid wood replaces MDF to ensure excellent sound insulation

insiders pointed out that there is no hard index on sound insulation in the current wood door industry standard, and consumers can only consider these factors according to materials, weight, thickness and flatness of surface laminates. First of all, the sound insulation effect depends directly on the thickness of the surface plate. The thicker the surface plate, the better the sound insulation effect. Xiying door adopts solid wood instead of density board as the wood door core board, which is much thicker than the panel thickness of ordinary wood doors on the market, achieving the best sound insulation effect. Secondly, the density of the door panel will also affect the sound insulation effect. Generally, the sound insulation with high density is relatively good. Because the density board is made of the base material by high temperature and high pressure pressing, the density of the density board is not as high as that of the solid wood itself, no matter how advanced the technology is, and the density board is made of adhesive, so there must be cracks. The solid wood used in Xiyingmen wooden door is the basic material, with fine texture and fine material, and the density is much higher than the traditional density board, ensuring the excellent sound insulation effect. At the same time, the material has high stability and avoids the inherent defects of wood door deformation and cracking. Even in wet areas such as toilets, there is no need to worry about expansion and deformation

innovative technology creates excellent sound insulation effect

density board has always been popular as a wood door core board, largely because of its flatness, and Xiyingmen is also aware of this. After long-term exploration and research, it has innovatively developed new technology to ensure the flatness of the core board. The flatness of the wooden door greatly affects the sound insulation effect. The more flat the wooden door is, the better the combination with the door sleeve is, the more sound insulation it is. In terms of painting process, Xiyingmen adopts the world's top environmental protection paint - Dabao paint, five primers and two finishing coats to avoid the common phenomena of paint collection, paint leakage, insufficient paint surface and paint peeling caused by traditional painting and spraying, and the paint surface has high hardness, strong adsorption, mildew resistance, and can effectively prevent the paint surface from discoloration, darkening and other problems caused by daily ultraviolet radiation. Ensure the flatness of the wooden door from the paint process, so as to create excellent sound insulation effect

Xiyingmen's wood door core board basic material upgrading process is a major innovation in the industry. It is a new wood door technology that integrates environmental protection, comfort and sound insulation effects. At the same time, it is also a strong proof that Xiyingmen adheres to technological innovation

in order to continuously meet the market demand, the company deepened design innovation, developed classic solid wood and log suit doors with multiple styles and series, and obtained nearly 100 national utility model and appearance design patents, which fully shows the craft level and strength of Xiying door. We will continue to devote ourselves to inheriting the essence of Chinese door art, deeply mining and carrying forward Chinese traditional culture of happiness, and strive to build Xiyingmen wooden door into the most joyful wooden door in China





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