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How to spend less money on decoration? The designer said that the basic house type of a 90 square meter house is two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom. As an owner, we first need to see the orientation and lighting of the room

how to spend less money on decoration? The designer said that the basic house type of a 90 square meter house is two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom. As an owner, we first need to look at the orientation and lighting of the room, and analyze what defects exist in the house type and what space can be used

the designer told that he thought the room's shape was very good in the first year. In the second year, it was basically invisible. In the fifth year, he might want to make another shape, so he should try to make less shapes

way to save money 1: there are more TV wall materials

according to the designer, the area of the TV wall is about 5 square meters in a 90 square meter room. In fact, there are many kinds of TV wall materials, including traditional gypsum board and now more popular wallpaper. "Italian, Danish and Belgian wallpapers are better, but these are relatively high-end, costing hundreds of yuan per square meter; Korean wallpapers are relatively cheap, only 700 yuan per roll! In addition, cloth can also be used to make wallpapers." The owner should compare more in the selection of materials. It is suggested that the owner choose materials that are more convenient to use

budget: within 1200 yuan

money saving method 2: save the cost of water circuit transformation

the cost of water circuit transformation is relatively large in the decoration. PPR pipes are generally used for waterways, and PVC pipes are used for circuit transformation. There are open lines and dark lines. The open line is about 20 yuan for 1 meter, and the dark line is about 30 yuan for 1 meter. The designer believes that no matter how large the room is, the cost of water circuit transformation is actually relatively flexible. The key is to look at the original design. If the design is good, it will save a lot of money; If the design is not good or the preparation is insufficient, the money may be wasted. A house of 90 square meters can be as expensive as 5000 or 6000, or as little as 3000

budget: within 4500 yuan

money saving method 3: choose high-grade coatings

good coatings will not be packed for a long time. "For ordinary owners, in addition to requiring environmental protection of coatings, they should also buy brand products!" Ke chunteng said that, like a high-grade clothes, it will actually help you save money, as well as paint. Paint is a basic job. Even if it was a little expensive at that time, it's easy to worry when it's used up. For example, even if some paint is of good quality, it will turn yellow after a long time, but not for high-grade ones. Therefore, it is suggested that owners should buy high-quality and high-grade coatings

budget: within 4500 yuan

way to save money 4: the grades of wall and floor tiles can be separated

tiles are mainly distributed in kitchens, bathrooms and other places. The tiles on the wall can be of ordinary quality, but the tiles on the ground must be of good wear resistance, strong skid resistance and high pollution resistance. The designer said that for a 90 square meter house, the kitchen is 4 to 6 square meters and the bathroom is 3 to 4 square meters. When shopping, you can distinguish the price

budget: about 1500 yuan

way to save money 5: pay attention to style but don't forget practicality

some people say that the owner's taste can be seen from the lights at home, because light and shadow are important tools to shape the home mood, but in terms of choice, from an economic point of view, we should first consider practicality, not bright and luxurious lighting is a good choice. The designer said that a room of 90 square meters should not have too many shapes. The simple way is to use ceiling lights in the bedroom and choose one with a sense of shape in the guest restaurant. Usually, the ceiling lamp is 80 to 100 yuan, and the shape lamp is about 200 yuan

budget: within 1000 yuan

money saving method 6: choose laminate floors with high cost performance

cabinets are an essential part of decoration. On the premise of ensuring quality, reasonable price becomes the key, and 3000 yuan is enough; The other big end is the floor. Laminate flooring and solid wood multilayer flooring are the choice of many owners. The designer suggested, "for a room of 90 square meters, laminate flooring should be a cost-effective choice! Some laminate flooring is more than 120 yuan per square meter, and the effect is very good!"

budget: floor less than 5000 yuan, cabinet less than 3000 yuan

money saving method 7: bathroom products are practical.

"ceramic bathroom products we don't need to deliberately pursue its luxury and high-end, practicality is the king." The designer said that at present, there are a variety of bathroom products on the market. Consumers do not need to choose those products with many functions, as long as they have high cost performance

budget: within 2000 yuan

the designer said that the above costs plus labor costs, only 30000 yuan, a home is basically formed. In fact, the cost calculation is relatively flexible. The key is to design skillfully, and then choose products with high cost performance. The overall style is simple and generous, which can achieve a comfortable and warm effect





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