How to negotiate the budget of housing decoration

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Project budget is a very critical link in the decoration project, so how to make a suitable project budget. Now there are often advertisements on the market, such as "32000 yuan for the luxurious decoration of three rooms and two halls". In fact, this slogan is obviously a loophole in the regulations, because the relevant departments of the state have written indicators, that is, the average cost per square meter is more than 1500 yuan. Generally, the usable area of three rooms and two halls is about 80 square meters, so the cost of advanced decoration will cost 120000 yuan. Obviously, 32000 yuan is unrealistic and empty

first, the conditions of decoration budget

the drawings are fully confirmed, and the materials are basically determined at the end of the budget (the water and electricity materials should be fully determined)

second, examples of construction budget traps

1 Misrepresentation of quantities

2 Material grade, brand, specification and size are not listed

3 Without improving the construction technology, the amount of material budget quota is increased by mistake

4 Repeated quotation of the project

5 Overstate the price of materials (main and auxiliary materials) and underestimate the quantity

6 Manual too high

7 High emission loss, even repeated calculation loss

8 Underreporting




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